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Design Tips: Front Door Color

September 23, 2020

Design Tips: Choosing the Right Front Door Color

One of the first things that guests see when they visit your home is the front door. A great front door can do many positive things for your home including: giving a great first impression, increasing curb appeal for potential buyers, showing your personality, and setting the tone for the rest of the house. If you find that some of these things are lacking with your home, changing the paint color of your front door is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update and refresh your home. Here are just a few things you should consider when choosing the perfect front door color.

1. Classics are Always in Style

They are called classics for a reason! Neutral colors like brown, white, gray, navy blue, and dark red are classic front door colors that will stand the test of time. Choosing a neutral color can give your home a classy look that shows style and elegance. If you are weary of too much change, just freshen up the paint on the front door with a great classic color that fits with your house’s overall style.


2. Go Bold

While classic colors are safe, the front door is also a place where going bold can be a fun and exciting change. A front door can be repainted for very little money and time, so it is a great opportunity to try something new. Using bright colors is one way to show your personality and set your home apart from others in the area. When choosing a color that is not neutral, consider what feelings the color evokes. For example, yellow often creates feelings of happiness or enthusiasm, while red could signal energy, passion, and boldness. Choose a color that you love, that fits your personality, and that will set the mood for your home.


3. Look to Your Surroundings

While it is important to choose a color that you love, it is also important that it fits in well with the rest of your home and yard. One of our best tips is to view the potential paint colors in the actual outdoor lighting and at different times of the day because colors can change drastically from what you see in the store. Do this by taping paint samples to your door or by painting swatches on the actual door and checking them throughout the day. You may find that your porch is very dark so a lighter paint color is better and vice versa. You should not only consider how it looks with the colors of the house but also the colors of flowers and foliage throughout your yard. 


4. Paint the Trim a Contrasting Color

It’s not only the door paint that can make a big difference. Painting the trim around the door a contrasting color can really highlight the door and make it stand out. White is traditional, but painting the trim a dark gray, black, or brown can add interest.


5. Choose the Right Type of Paint

Once you have decided on the perfect paint color, make sure that you use the right paint so that it doesn’t peel and fade over time. Latex exterior paint tends to do a good job on front doors, and if the door is metal, you should also make sure that the paint has rust protection. The sheen of the paint is a matter of preference. Glossy paint will bring out the architectural details of the door better, but it may show imperfections more. Semi-gloss paint is more forgiving when it comes to dings and dents. 

The right front door color can add great curb appeal and make a house feel like a home. At Eaglewood homes, our builders and designers want to make sure that your new home meets all your dreams and expectations. If you are looking for a great Boise home builder, contact Eaglewood Homes today.

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