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Thank you so much for considering Eaglewood for your new home! For the time being, we have suspended our custom and semi-custom operations. But you can still get one of our stunning homes! All Eaglewood homes across the Treasure Valley will be "Spec Homes" or pre-built homes where the floorplans are chosen for each lot and each home has a carefully designed interior design package and color scheme – unfortunately no changes or upgrades can be requested. Homes are listed on MLS around the drywall stage of construction (about 3 months after the start of construction). Official pricing and selections images are only made available at this time. Homes are listed for sale approximately 3 months before completion and closing. Click below to see our currently available homes!

All of the floorplans we intend to build in the future are shown on the community maps on the eaglewood website: Each lot we own is in blue and will list the floor plan we have planned for that lot. If you click the lot it will tell you details about the lot as well as give you a link to the floor plan page where you can see details and stock photos for the floor plan assigned to that lot. If the home has started construction, there will be an "Available" estimate – which is when we will release the price and selections for the home as we list the home for sale on MLS, and a "Completion" estimate which is when we plan to have construction finished and be closed on the home. If there are no dates, it will say the home is still in the planning stages and is at least 5 months away from being available. We are working on getting an accurate price estimate up for each home under construction – but with the volatility of prices on labor and materials, that is still quite difficult. The actual price is only released when the home becomes available for sale.

When you find the home you are interested in, the best way to stay on top of it is to:

  • Sign up for the VIP list for each community you are interested in. (Or sign up to be notified about ALL new Eaglewood Homes) The signup link can be found directly under the map in each community page. When a new home becomes available, we will send out a notification email with the price and selections to the members of the VIP list a day before the home becomes available for sale!
  • Check back to the website often to keep an eye on it as the estimate dates can change from time to time depending on the construction schedule / weather / material delays / etc.
  • Feel free to drive by the home to see how it is progressing, although you will need to wait until the home is listed in MLS to tour the interior.
  • If you have a specific home you are interested in that is already well into construction but not yet listed– please reach out to us and we will do our best to estimate a price range for you!

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