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Eaglewoods warranty program is second to none!

Let's face it, with most builders, warranty is a hassle. Finding something wrong with your new home is traumatic enough. Then you have to contact your builder where your request is added to some pile and forgotten about. Eaglewood Homes takes an aggressive and extremely proactive approach to warranty issues, since we want you to be happy about your purchase, we call you to schedule warranty walk-throughs. The first is right before closing, to make sure everything is in perfect shape for when we hand you your keys. The second is at 30 days after you’ve had time to move in and get a feel for your new home. The last is at 11 months, right before your warranty period expires to clear up any issues to make sure you are ready to spend the rest of your life in your new dream home.

Eaglewood Tool Box

The Eaglewood Toolbox series was created to help our homeowners have a better understanding of how their new homes work. Most of these tasks can be done very easily with just a few basic tools and a little instruction. Repairs for the first year will fall under two categories: homeowner maintenance which is the responsibility of the homeowner, and warrntable service calls which are the responsibility of Eaglewood Homes to fix. The Toolbox series addresses both types of repairs, as some warrantable items can be cleared up quickly and easily by watching the corresponding short video.


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