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No Need to Upgrade

February 23, 2016

Granite Countertops

One of the biggest selling features for any home, new or used, classic or contemporary, is the kitchen. Whether you're an expert chef or a culinary novice, your kitchen will surely take a beating over the years: a fact that may be evident in your current home as you consider buying a brand new home or building a custom home from scratch.

Don't be fooled by the many bargain home builders; their standards are sub-par and charge upgrade fees to get the details and amenities you really want in a new home. By the end of the project you could come out significantly over budget. One specific item this happens with is countertops.

Formica countertops are often the standard surface material throughout your home unless you fork over an upgrade fee. Formica is made from layers of kraft paper and melamine. Since it is relatively cheap to make it soon became the standard of contemporary design in the 70's, developing over time into the household standard of the 80's and 90's. The quality of laminate surfaces has improved drastically over the years, but it's still not the surface of choice for your new kitchen.

Granite, a traditional, elegant choice for high-end kitchens, has been admired for centuries. Granite is formed below the earth's surface, as magma cools and slowly forms into crystals of various minerals. Each slab of granite is different, giving your kitchen its own unique fingerprint. Granite's interlocking crystal structure is what makes it so durable, perfect in a kitchen where you no longer have to worry about a knife nick or heat damage. Granite can withstand all kinds of abuse, and only requires periodic sealing (every 3-5 years) based on the type and characteristics of the granite.

Quartz is the most common mineral found in granite countertops, and is what makes granite so resistant to daily wear. Instead of being mined from the earth, quartz countertops are engineered in a factory from ground quartz and a hue of binding polyester resins. This gives quartz countertops some advantages that natural stone slabs can never achieve. Quartz countertops can be engineered to achieve a variety of designs including some with metallic flecks or recycled glass and are much more uniform than granite countertops. In addition, quartz counter tops are non-porous and never need to be sealed.

At Eaglewood, we believe you should hold your builder to a higher standard. That is why all of our kitchens and master bathrooms come standard with solid slab granite or quartz countertops – a feature that would be considered an upgrade with many other builders. When it comes to your home, you are entitled to the very best. Build with Eaglewood, where quality and elegance come standard – no need to upgrade.

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