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Building New vs Buying New

February 13, 2019

Congratulations, you're ready for a brand new home!!!  Well you have two options: Buy a pre-built new home, or build a new home from scratch with a home builder.

What’s a “Spec Home?”

Pre-built homes are often referred to as "spec" homes because the builder will choose all of the specifications: plan, flooring, paint, fixtures, etc.  If you aren't exactly sure what you want in a new home, a spec home is always a good option.  Home builders have years of experience designing and building homes.  They have had years to come up with the perfect plans that have been adjusted and tweaked based on expertise as well as feedback from homeowners to create floor plans with unrivaled efficiency and functionality. 

Home builders often build spec homes that retain value by using timeless finishes and materials as well as high quality products to attract potential buyers.  Spec homes are also the best examples of what a home builder has to offer.  So, whether you choose to buy a new home or build new, a spec home from your preferred builder is always a good place to start!  Who knows, you might just find one with everything you ever wanted - and you won’t even have to wait for it!


Building a New Home

Building a new home from the ground up is an extremely intricate and complicated process.  There mountains of paperwork, inspections, and permits, not to mention contractor errors.  Mistakes with any of these can be extremely costly in both time and money.   Working with a home builder is always a good choice unless you are very experienced in residential construction.  Home builders work day in and day out with the same contractors, building officials, and inspectors to ensure that the building process goes smoothly.  Experienced home builders make sure everything is done right and on-time and work daily to mitigate delays and errors.  Also, with a home builder your communication process is streamlined: you get a whole team of designers, project managers, and contractors with one point of contact that can answer your questions and communicate effectively with you about the project. Your team has already been proven to work well together, has a common goal, and puts their reputation on the line to make you happy. With this streamlined communication process, the homeowner will feel directly involved and confident every step of the way.

Working with a home builder also lets you be in control of your own “finishes” or home options like paint, tile, cabinet color, flooring, and plumbing / lighting fixtures.  You can put together the perfect home to suit your personality and needs!  Choosing your own finishes and upgrades also puts you in control of your budget. Budget is one of the most important factors for most people seeking a new home. Your custom builder will monitor costs all along the way and help you make decisions that will be compatible with that budget. Not only will you know exactly where your money is going, but you can ensure that you do not waste money on unwanted features.


Eaglewood Homes has been one of the best homebuilders in Boise Idaho for 15 years, we have the experience and the talent, to make your dreams come true.  We have an fantastic portfolio of floor plans to choose from, and an impressive showroom where you can pick out your favorite finishes.  Buy one of our awesome spec homes, or come meet our super team and let us build the home of your dreams!

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