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Eaglewood Toolbox: Shutting Off Your Water

March 30, 2017

Adam with Eaglewood Homes in Boise, Idaho shows you how to shut off the water in your home.

******NOT ALL HOMES WILL HAVE THIS FEATURE!!!******  We like to post articles that are helpful to as many homeowners as possible, but in this case, this is a feature that just isn't standard on every home.  Many just have a manual shutoff outside deep underground that is difficult to access and that requires special tools. Every new Eaglewood home includes a whole-house water shutoff right under one of the crawlspace accesses.  This allows the homeowner to quickly and easily turn off water to the whole house in the event of a burst pipe or other water related emergency.


STEP 1:  Remove crawlspace access cover and locate water shutoff valve. (If you are an Eaglewood homeowner, you probably have 2 crawlspace accesses, it will be located in one of them.


STEP 2:  Once you locate your valve, simply turn the handle a quarter turn until it is counter clockwise.   Eaglewood Homes uses quarter turn valves only, so it should be pretty easy to determine the direction it turns.  When the handle is perpendicular to the water line, it is off. Your valve may be different, if it is a twist valve, just remember to turn it clockwise until tight to close and counter clockwise to open.


STEP 3:  The water pipes in your home are constantly under pressure, that's what makes the water come out of the faucet!  Simply shutting off the water supply doesn't immediately dissipate that pressure, so it's a good idea to turn on other faucets or even your bathtubs to relieve that water pressure before working on your leak.


STEP 4:  Simply return the valve handle to its original position, parallel with the water line, to return water supply to your home.


STEP 5:  Replace the crawlspace access cover and push it down firmly.


A water shutoff valve is just one of the many standard benefits of building a new home with Eaglewood.  Check out our Signature Standards page for a full list of all the goodies you get when buying or building a new home with Eaglewood.



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