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Eaglewood Toolbox: Troubleshooting Your Garbage Disposal

March 14, 2017

Sometimes it's easy to forget about how some of the modern conveniences in our lives work.  The garbage disposal is one of those magic little machines that takes care of all the little bits of food left in our sink.  Without proper care, you can really do some damage to your disposal unit and your sewer system as well! 

Your garbage disposal is really just a big blender attached to the drain in your sink.  It takes little bits of food and grinds them up and sends them down with your sink's waste water into the sewer system.  With that in mind, it's important you don't stick large, hard, or tough items down your disposal.  Always run your water when your disposal is running, and keep your hands and utensils clear before you turn it on. If you ever do find your garbage disposal doesn't start, it may be bound or clogged. Here are some things to check to get it back up and running.


STEP 1:   Unplug your garbage disposal from the wall outlet under your sink


STEP 2:  Make sure your on/off switch is working.  In Eaglewood homes, we use an "air switch" which pushes air through a length of micro tubing which actuates the power adapter and turns the disposal on.  Make sure the micro tubing is connected at both ends and is free from holes. 


STEP 3:  Check the under side of the garbage disposal to see if the trip-switch has popped out.  The trip switch activates when the blades are bound by an obstruction in order to prevent the motor from burning up.


STEP 4:  Insert the hex key into the key hole at the very bottom and center of your disposal unit and turn counter clock-wise. In homes built by Eaglewood, we tape the key to the drain pipe for convenience, but a key should be somewhere under the sink in most homes.


STEP 4:  Reach in through the sink to remove any debris.  Feel around the edges for objects, but be careful of the blades.

STEP 5:  Push the red trip-switch on the bottom of the unit back in.

STEP 6:  Plug your garbage disposal back into the wall outlet


We hope that helped you out!  If your disposal still does not work, you may need to call an appliance repairman to seek additional help. If you own an Eaglewood home and are still under warranty, give us a call and we'll get it taken care of for you!   

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