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Tips for Maintaining Your New Home's Value

July 28, 2017

Tips for Maintaining Your New Home’s Value

You just built or bought the new home of your dreams... now what? As the years pass, you want to ensure that your home maintains all of the value that you so carefully built into it. Here are a few tips on how you can do this.

1. Add Curb Appeal

Newly built homes are all spruced up on the inside, but it usually takes some time to add curb appeal. Landscaping and gardens can make all the difference. While some builders will include basic landscaping, great curb appeal usually takes time for plants and trees to grow and mature. If you do not have a lot of time to spend on the exterior of your home, choose landscaping that can be easily cared for and maintained. With each new season, carefully trim, prune, and maintain your yard so that it will grow and flourish for years to come and create a great first impression.


2. Perform Regular Maintenance

Home maintenance can be everything from cleaning regularly to replacing your roof when it is worn out. Even brand new homes require regular maintenance. Taking time to repair small things can prevent them from becoming expensive, large problems. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for cracks, leaks, or insect activity and then make the proper fixes. On the inside of your home, two of the most important things to keep up on are your air conditioner and furnace. Not only are they easy to forget about, but they are also expensive to replace. Change your filters often and have them serviced and checked as the seasons change. These are only a few of the many things that need regular maintenance. Head over to the National Center for Healthy Housing for a good list of other items to check in your home.

3. Do Repairs Right


When repairs are needed, as they surely will be, it is important to get them done right. High ticket items especially should not be skimped on. If you do end up selling your home later down the road, big things like air conditioners, furnaces, plumbing, etc. will be important factors in the price that you can list your home for. Ensure that they are in good working order and avoid trying to DIY large projects if you do not have the necessary experience and skills.

4. Update Regularly

As styles and trends change, you can maintain your home’s value by updating your home’s style as well. For example, nothing says a 1970’s home like faux wood paneling. This does not mean that you need to redecorate with every new trend, as that would cost an incredible amount of time and money. However, if your home is looking old or dated, you might consider giving it an inexpensive facelift. Something as simple as new paint is a cost effective way to do this. You can also opt for styles that are timeless and will require less overall updating.

5. Strive for Energy Efficiency

As your old appliances wear out and need to be replaced, one way to add value to your home is to choose energy efficient appliances. Homebuyers today are more energy conscious than ever before. They are looking for quality appliances that will save them money in the long run. Even if you are not looking to sell in the future, energy efficient appliances will also save you money, so they are often worth the increased initial cost.


Building or buying a brand new home does not mean that you no longer have to put in the work to maintain its value. By doing some of these simple things on a regular basis, you can ensure that your investment is protected and even increased. These great tips were brought to you by our friends over at Dover Realty. If you are looking for Jackson Lake Homes for Sale, visit them and see what they have to offer.

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