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Why Buy New? Home Warranty

July 01, 2016

The hidden costs of home ownership sometimes come as a surprise to new homeowners.  Problems that were once taken care of by land lords or apartment managers now fall squarely on a homeowner’s shoulders.   The previous owners may have told you that your furnace should last a year or two, but when it kicks out unexpectedly in the dead of night in January, there’s no one to call but the repairman, and he’s not coming without the lure of cold hard cash!   And believe me, in the dead of night in January, it’s very cold cash.

When you purchase a resale home, most of the appliances and structural features of your home could be nearing the end of their lifecycle.  Older furnaces made with heavy metal heat exchangers (think cast iron) have been known to last 30 to 40 years, but are huge energy drains.  It’s more likely the resale homes you are looking to purchase in 2016 are forced air furnace heat exchangers, and are only meant to last 13 to 20 years.  Additionally, your roof is only meant to last 20 years – with a resale home, all of those old appliances breaking down simultaneously could make for a really bad week of your life.  Don’t think your inspection will warn you either – your inspector’s job is only to let you know what currently works and what doesn’t, without much clue to the life your house has left in it.

Now imagine buying new.  Your top of the line Trane furnace is just starting its life, with at least 20 long years stretched ahead of it.   Your brand new roof won’t cause any unpleasant surprises during the first thunderstorm of the spring.  Even your dishwasher will be scouring casserole dishes and stockpots clean from day 1.   Everything starts brand new with you.

Eaglewood stands by the quality of our homes, from framing right down to the last coat of paint.  All of our appliances, equipment, and building materials are top of the line, and made to last.  We are committed to making sure your home is built with quality and excellence.  In addition to the standard warranties included on your new home’s equipment and appliances, Eaglewood Homes provides a comprehensive full year warranty to ensure you have the home you deserve.         We schedule 3 different warranty walk-throughs.   Our first walk –through is right before closing.  This walk-through gives you the opportunity to see that everything has been built and finished to the highest standard, that any changes you may have requested have been honored, and that any inspection questions have been addressed.  After you’ve been able to move in and settle, we schedule a second walk through during the second month you’ve lived in your home.   This gives you an opportunity to bring up any concerns you may have, or ask any questions you may have about maintaining your home.   Finally, our last walk through is 11 months after you’ve purchased your home.  Our home warranties last a full year after your purchase, and if something has come up in those first 11 months we want to know about it and fix it before your home warranty expires.   It is important to Eaglewood that you are happy with your purchase, which is why we take such a proactive approach to warranty issues.

When you purchase a resale home, you buy all the problems that come with it, big and small.   Your third-party home warranty provider doesn’t know you, and isn’t invested in your happiness or your home. When you build with Eaglewood, we take care of you, your problems are our problems, and we’ll make sure you’re home starts at peak performance, and continues there for years to come.

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