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Why Buy New?

March 04, 2016

New Home

When it comes to buying your home, the first and biggest debate is choosing to go new or used. While the price of a used home will always be lower, there are many advantages available only to new builds, and even more that are exclusive to Eaglewood Homes, so when you choose to build in 2016, make sure you are getting everything the new year has to offer!

Because the Treasure Valley is just starting to grow rapidly, 2016 offers a unique opportunity that isn't available in older, more populated cities. In cities like New York or D.C., prime real estate is already all bought up; so to build new usually means an uncomfortably long commute for work. Older, established neighborhoods are the only ones that have the advantage of being closer to city hubs. The Treasure Valley is unique in the fact that all of Boise's sister cities are within a 10-20 minute commute to the city's center, so the option to build new doesn't sacrifice the luxury of living near-by. Even better, much of Boise's thriving industry is based in its surrounding cities of Meridian and Eagle so the opportunity to build your new home in the very city in which you work is unparalleled.

Not only are Boise and surrounding cities like Meridian, Eagle, and Kuna among some of the top cities in the nation, but there is something magic about the idea of a fresh start in a brand new home. Whether you buy a new home or design and build a custom home, every memory in every room of your new home is the FIRST! Will the first meal prepared in your brand new kitchen be 5 gourmet courses, or a hastily boiled package of ramen noodles? Will the game at your first super bowl party end in triumph or defeat? What will be the first movie that brings your family together in your new bonus room? Every first and every memory will be your own. We'll build you your new house, and you'll make it your true home.

If the "new house smell" isn't enough to convince you, there are tons of more practical reasons to buy a new home! Be sure to check out all of our articles on why building new with Eaglewood is the right decision for your family.

Why build new? – Coming Soon!

  • New building techniques offer Energy Efficiency
  • State of the art appliances give your home a stellar HERS rating
  • Have the ability to customize your home to fit your needs
  • Brand new warranties on brand new appliances and features save you from stress and unexpected spending
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